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For your sensitive and significant files, you will find the secure storage at Ddownload. Ddownload scores with fast uploading and downloading without waiting times. Ddownload is reputable and has new advanced technologies. Compliance with data protection and security measures, as well as reliability are focal points that increase its notoriety. Ddownload strives to maintain its good image.

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Price Performance Ratio

The excellent services also include pricing. In this area, Ddownload is present with three offers that are of interest to both private and commercial users. The tariff, which is currently offered at 60% off, will convince even the most frugal user. Take a look at Ddownload Premium and don’t think twice about taking advantage of the cheap offer and registering for the DDownload Premium account right away:

Runtime1 Month6 Months1 Year
Costs for the entire term10 €40 €50 €
Monthly fee10 €6,67 €4,11 €

The rate for one year is currently the big seller. Originally, this rate cost 120 euros for 12 months. Due to the 60% discount, the monthly charge is only 4.11 euros.

The low-priced rate with a term of just one month is booked by many new customers as a test phase, so to speak. Within a month, the user finds out whether Ddownload is suitable. This is usually the case, so new customers choose the inexpensive rate with a 12-month term.

Some highlights explain the popularity of Ddownload

Ddownload points out four serious key points:

  • 100 GB of data daily is worth mentioning,
  • the unlimited storage is significant for the frequent user,
  • there is no waiting time, an important factor,
  • the fast downloads are also a purchase criterion for the frequent user.

The registration process is straightforward. The usual formalities and questions are also required by DDownload. You need a user name. The specification of your e-mail address is necessary and a password. You will be redirected step by step. When you log in, your username or e-mail address and password will be requested. If you forget the password, it is not a problem; you press the button “Forgot password”. You can see that the functions can be activated quickly and easily.

Of course, Ddwonload also requires that you accept the T&Cs, which you should read beforehand.

Why DDownload is important for you too

Every Internet user or surfer saves his files, for example, you download texts, images or videos and save them on the hard disk. This is quite a normal process. However, if it is important documents, texts or writings that are in the file, it is a nightmare if the hard disk gets damaged and the stored data is gone. Experts, if you are lucky, will retrieve the documents, which firstly involves costs, secondly it is not sure if your files are still there. Thus, registering with Ddownload is reasonable, especially since there are no immense costs. A Ddownload Premium package is also optimal for the little user, because the hard disk can be damaged in any PC. Back up your files, upload files daily, you have unlimited storage space.

The hard disk is well-equipped and has storage space, but this is also limited, especially since there is a risk that the files might get lost. With Ddownload you are on the safe side.

Restrictions on use

Ddownload protects the Copyrights, Thus, you cannot download a new movie from the Internet and publish it. Moreover, the reputable company refuses to present files with pornographic content. Ddownload has a good reputation, is a reputable established company and cares about keeping the good name.


Payment options

In this section you will find many service providers, each user is looking for the payment option that suits him. The choice is available:

  • PaySera,
  • PayPal,
  • the popular uncomplicated instant bank transfer,
  • Visa,
  • Giropay,
  • WebMoney.

Moreover, Ddownload scores with the options to pay in cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin and Litecoin are recognized as payment methods. Every customer will find the service provider that is suitable for them.

Ddownload.com increased its visibility with the acquisition of DDL.to. DDL.to’s customers accept Ddownload and are now satisfied customers of DDownload. The aforementioned advantages are a solid base for the frequent user. Large files, small files and important documents can be loaded and saved, storage space is sufficient.

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Of course, you can access your documents at any time and from any location. In addition, it is allowed that other people can view your files. For example, many users publish product descriptions or offer services. The painter presents his services with corresponding pictures and videos. The file is always at hand for editing. In addition, the File Manager, which is a part of the offers, manages your files professionally.

You can see that the registration in combination with the Ddwonload Premium account brings only advantages; the cheap rates are another plus.

What happens with the personal data

Personal data that you deposit due to registration or because of certain payment transactions are safe at Ddownload and will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Trust in the share hoster is one of the most important requirements, because not only commercial files, but also files with personal information are stored. Satisfied customers confirm the services of Ddownload.

Ddownload is interesting for every user: the frugal user who focuses on reasonable prices or the user with many and extensive files is interested in unlimited storage space. Fast downloading and uploading is relevant here. “No waiting times” applies to all users, who also rate this point as very good. Ddownload is recommendable in every respect.

Ddownload scores with smart upload and download tools, an online storage and remote backup capacity.


Ddownload follows guidelines

You can upload your files, as well as download files from other users. Thanks to the excellent technical facilities, file exchange with other users is also possible without any problems.

Ddownload is still new, is developing perfectly and can definitely compete with the competition. If you are looking for a reputable provider with a good image, impressive services and extras, choose Ddownload.

What belongs to file hosting

Downloading files, sharing them with friends and storing the files securely in a professional manner is part of file hosting. Ddownload offers a good option to backup the data outside your computer. Access is possible from any location. The ease of use is important for the user, as well as the overview, for which the file manager is responsible. Uploading the files to Ddownload is legally not a problem. However, it is not allowed if other users have access to copyrighted files have. As a rule, there is no permission from the right holder. Ddownload points out this fact.


What is now illegal

In plain English, this means that if you upload a music album or movie and publish the link for any other user, it is illegal. Some companies allow uploading for private use, but not for publication. However, if you upload a music album just for friends without making money from it, that is perfectly tolerable. As a rule, of course, this does not mean 50 friends, but the number is limited to a maximum of seven users who can watch just this piece of music or movie. In other words, they are not allowed to move beyond the barrier of private use.

Ddownload Premium Account

This account benefits you by providing you with unlimited storage space. Besides, your files are stored securely, while the File Manager is in charge of managing your more or less voluminous files. You won’t have the fear that your hard disk will be damaged or that your files will be gone. It has also happened that the user accidentally deletes the stored images and data from the hard disk. Getting the files back is usually costly. Do not let it come to that, use the fantastic services of Ddownload. Check whether the exceedingly cheap tariff with a one-year term is suitable for you. The inexpensive rates are a significant factor for many users:

  • 1 month runtime costs 10 Euro,
  • 6 months term 50 euros,
  • while you can enjoy 12 months of services at a price of only 40 euros.

Due to the small difference, many new customers opt for the rate with a term of 12 months.

Of course, Ddwonload also incurs maintenance, which is usually performed during the day. Usually, one hour of downtime is expected; customers are informed in time about the start and completion of the maintenance work.

The customer support can be reached via a contact form. At Ddownload, a ticket is issued for each request. In addition, Ddownload has a support hotline.



If you want to download and store your files safely, look out for a reputable trustworthy provider, Ddownload has the best customer reviews and is recommended. The advantages you enjoy with a Ddownload Premium account are not to be underestimated. You have enough storage space, you can download 100 GB of data every day. Ddownload promises that there are no waiting times. Ddownload is recommended for every user, because files and pictures that have emotional value should also be stored safely. You will find this security with Ddownload. If you are still undecided, you can test Ddownload for a month for 10 Euros. Convince yourself of this commendable provider, test the services for a month for now. Ddownload manages and stores your files; you are one of the satisfied customers.

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